New Heights Tree Specialist Tree Services in the Kansas City Metro and Beyond

Tree Trimming (Pruning)

Tree trimming or pruning is one of the best investments you can make as a property owner. The purpose of pruning trees is to make it more aesthetically pleasing to you, as well as preserving the health of the tree. Trimming removes deadwood, diseased limbs, and limbs that are visually unappealing. It also allows for increased airflow and sunlight to penetrate the canopy. This will increase the trees chance of surviving ice and wind storms. Overgrown trees may need to be trimmed several times over many years to correct overgrowth and c bad pruning practices.

Tree Removal

Nobody wants to remove or cut down trees because they are living things, but sometimes it just needs to be done. We may be able to give you some options on saving the tree, but if it has to go, we have all the tools for the job. New Heights Tree Specialists experienced arborist trained climbers can safely remove your tree or trees. Pleas seek professional help before you tackle a tree that could harm you or your property. Many homeowners are hurt and killed each year on ladders cutting down trees.

Here are a few tips to know when it is time to remove a tree:

  1. Volunteer trees have grown up along the fence line or foundation.
  2. It has a disease with no known treatment, or financially treatment are not in your budget.
  3. The tree has been weakened by a storm damage.
  4. The tree is to close to a structure (house, building, garage), or roots causing damage to patios, side walks, or driveway
  5. The tree is crowding out other trees in the yard or landscape
  6. The tree is in the wrong location and blocks the view of a home or building.

Tree Crown Raising

Crown raising is removing the lower limbs of the tree. This is usually for added sunlight, better curb appeal, and to keep it off of cars and structures.

Tree Crown Reduction

We have the option to reduce the size of the tree by cutting back limbs and reshaping the tree. This is a great way to save a tree you may be considering for removal . This process may take several years as not to remove more material than the tree can handle at one time. This is not “Topping” a tree. That is an out-dated procedure that should not be done. It is common for some tree companies to sell topping trees in the winter months. Do not allow for it.

Tree Weight Reduction

This is selectively removing limbs all over the tree to give the tree a more sound structure . Long, heavy limbs with lots of foliage can present a problem during storm situations. We can give large, bushy trees a better chance of surviving with minimal damage to the structure.

Ornamental Pruning

Let us help your young trees and ornamental trees.
Trimming trees while they are young will ensure optimum shape an structure. We put away the chainsaws and break out the hand pruners. Don’t wait till you have problems to call.

Hazardous Removals

Hazardous removals come in all shapes and sizes. We are experienced in removing trees other companies won’t touch. We have the ability to work around power lines and even bring in a crane if necessary. Let us look at that bad tree that is bothering you.

Tree Cabling

This is another alternative to removing a tree that has suffered some kind of damage or structural defect. If you have a tree that is splitting in the trunk or a primary lead, we may be able to place a cable or even place a threaded rod and close the crotch, allowing the tree to begin healing itself. If a fracture appears in a crotch on your tree, address the problem quickly before you have a total loss on your hands.

Roof and Property Line Clearance

We safely remove overhanging limbs and trees from over houses, cars, fences out-buildings, and power lines. Spare your roof and trim your trees. This has been known to keep neighbors happy that have your tree growing over their property.

Storm Damage

All the way from the ice storm in Kansas city 10 years ago to Hurricane Ike. We are experienced with ice damage, tornado and hurricane damage. Don’t trust your home and property to everyone who knocks on your door with a chainsaw. Verify that the person is affiliated with an actual tree company that has insurance and true knowledge of what they are doing. The storm damage is bad, but someone getting killed on your property is much worse. This happens every year. Trees have different stress points  that have been brought down that in-experienced workers don’t realize. At New Heights Tree Specialists, we have been trained to safely work under these conditions.